Valuation & Appraisal

Valuation & Appraisal

CostQuest Tax and Valuation Support services are developed in the real world and applied in the real world. Our models have been accepted and vetted in nearly every state.

Appraisal Services

We offer a variety of appraisal services to support our valuation services. Our Replacement Cost New (RCN) analysis, appraisal services and implementation, and data analysis capabilities are second to none and can ease your company’s property tax burden considerably, year over year.  Appraisal services are offered by experts from within industry and academia. A valuation assessment can be developed and implemented to meet your specific needs.

For more information on appraisal services we offer, please review our RCN and Appraisal Service Profile.

Property Tax Approach

In addition to CQA’s Replacement Cost New (RCN) property tax valuation model, we have also developed obsolescence models which can be used in conjunction with the RCN or separately to assist clients in identifying the value of their property.  This in turn helps our clients to better understand the value of their property in valuation negotiations and managing their property tax liability.

CQA has three on staff designated ASA appraisers and is associated with two additional ASA designated appraisers.  Our staff appraisers have more than 75 years of experience in appraising public utility property and have worked within the property tax field for both company and taxing jurisdictions.

A cost approach to value can be described as Cost (replacement or reproduction) less physical depreciation, functional obsolescence and economic obsolescence to develop the opinion of market value.  Obsolescence studies are developed to identify and measure the functional and economic obsolescence components of this basic methodology description.  Our appraisal staff have developed numerous methods to identify obsolescence by searching for and measuring excess operating costs and underutilization of our client’s assets/network to develop obsolescence studies which are supported by current appraisal text and theory.

Developed Obsolescence Studies include:

  1. Excess maintenance cost of copper cable in comparison to fiber cable.
  2. Excess power cost for TDM switch equipment in comparison to access gateways.
  3. Underutilization of local exchange switch and cable equipment.
  4. Underutilization of long-haul switch and fiber cable equipment.
  5. Underutilization of wireless electronic equipment.
  6. Income shortfall.

Each of the identified obsolescence studies can be developed for use in association with the CostQuest RCN property tax valuation model or independently. 

By combining the RCN study with the various obsolescence studies CostQuest can produce a signed USPAP compliant appraisal for use by our clients in either negotiations with the taxing jurisdictions or litigation if necessary. 

With CQA's RCN model and obsolescence measurement, client negotiations with taxing jurisdictions are grounded in widely accepted and fact-based appraisal theory and modeling methodology.


Industry Experience

We provide Property Tax and Valuation Services for broadband providers, mobile wireless providers, tower companies, and other utilities.