FTTP, Fixed Wireless, and 5G Cost Models

Getting cost modeling right is crucial, whether it’s for a network design, network rebuild, or technology deployment. CostQuest’s Cost Models reflect a deep understanding of networks and engineering principles for FTTP, Fixed Wireless, and 5G.

Network Cost Models — Trusted by the Experts

CostQuest’s Cost models are used to distribute $3b+ annually in subsidy funding, guide Tier 1 providers in buildouts, and focus state broadband program design.

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Model brownfield or greenfield

We account for your existing network assets or assume a greenfield buildout.

Subsidy-based modeling

Providers have leaned on our experts to prepare for Connect America Fund auctions as well as the new Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. We build in considerations unique to receiving support through a subsidy program.

Full capital breakdown

We break out costs in over 20 cost areas, including material and labor loadings, and operations and maintenance. Where appropriate, regionalized costs are used.
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See location-based cost estimates with CostQuest

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