Utility valuations for all hub and node systems

Our goal is to help you develop fair values for your utilities infrastructure that are defensible and reflective of the nuances of your business. The replacement cost modeling CostQuest provides to utility companies is an estimate of the current cost to construct a new plant having the same functionality, known as a substitute property of an equivalent utility. The replacement cost new (RCN) model accounts for many factors, ranging from the current prices for equipment and labor to the architectures and equipment consistent with industry best practices, all the way down to the user experience.

Our goal in the valuation process is to produce a well-documented and supportable opinion of value that shows that an appraiser has considered all factors that affect the value of the assets being appraised.

Full ASA Appraisal

We work with you from start to finish to build a USPAP compliant report and can testify if needed.

Modeling Support

We join your existing team to build part of the appraisal report.

Where accurate network valuations make a difference

Mergers & Acquisitions

Building fair valuations that adequately capture the true value of your network is critical for any financial due diligence. CostQuest can help with jurisdictional transfer tax or purchase price allocation requirements.

Property Taxes

Current book value doesn’t always properly capture the value of your network. CostQuest’s replacement cost new models can help you build fair valuations with taxing authorities and have been used in negotiations across the United States.

Pricing and rate making

Let’s face it, the rate of return models don’t always tell the full story. CostQuest’s obsolescence studies and valuation efforts can help you build your case for pricing and rate-making that more accurately reflect your business and where you’re headed.

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