GIS, Network Engineering, and Financial Modeling under one roof

It’s not about any one individual, it’s about the team. Lean on our team of experts for cost modeling, business case development, or service mapping. Simply put, we understand networks and the businesses they are a part of.

Business Case Development

Models your CFO would sign off on

Determining how much capital, independent or subsidy, is needed to make a network build worthwhile can be a tricky endeavor. Your business is unique, which is why we look at more than X variables when developing business models.

Broadband Cost Modeling

Your inputs, real-world material costs, and optimized engineering logic

Getting cost modeling right is crucial, whether it’s for a network design, network rebuild, or technology deployment. CQA Cost Models reflect a deep understanding of networks and engineering principles for FTTP, Fixed Wireless, and 5G.

Service Mapping

A complete view of demand in relation to your network assets

Knowing where potential customers are located in relation to your assets allows you to more accurately respond to inbound requests for service
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