Broadband Network Feasibility Analysis

Determining how much capital, independent or subsidy, is needed to make a network build worthwhile can be a tricky endeavor. Your business is unique, which is why we build every model custom to represent your assumptions.

Receive Predictable Profitability

CostQuest develops detailed breakdowns of your cost profile and revenue potential to deliver insights based on your business. We base our models on an efficient network design, tailored to your business, with our proprietary data integrated, where appropriate. The result is a business case that supports clear, confident decision-making.

CQA economic cost modeling
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Complete picture of demand

Understanding demand in your area comes down to the potential for you to obtain customers. To provide a more complete picture, we provide you both detailed demographics data and estimations of existing supply, by technology type.

Detailed financials by service area

CostQuest’s Business Cases provide detailed financials, by area, for critical areas, such as take rates, projected market share, net income per subscriber, and more. The goal is to provide you with a clear picture of revenue potential that is backed up by detailed breakdowns in the areas most impactful to your long term business success.

Full capital breakdown

Cost is the other half of the picture for an accurate business case. A granular view of upfront investment needed is as important as the operation and maintenance over time. CostQuest’s Business Cases contain full output from our cost modeling services, detailing 20+ cost areas, including regional-specific labor costs, where possible.
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Build your network business case with CostQuest

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