Over $1T of network and utility assets valued across all 50 states

We work with providers across technology types to develop fair values for their infrastructure of tangible assets. With experts in 5G, fixed broadband networks, and utilities, we’re ready to dig in with you.

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Cell Tower Infrastructure

Fair values for owned tower sites

Cost based valuations and full appraisals to support transfer tax efforts or purchase price allocations. Models are built custom to your portfolio of tower sites and assets.
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Broadband Provider Infrastructure

Specialized network valuation for cable, copper, fiber, and fixed wireless

CostQuest’s models provide valuations for your network infrastructure transactions and annual property taxes. See how replacement cost new models can produce fair values by using the current cost to build networks today.
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Mobility Infrastructure

Models trusted by Tier 1 carriers for ad valorem tax analyses

Incorporate CostQuest’s replacement cost new valuations into your appraisal for another approach to finding a fair value. No network is too large for our team and full appraisals are also available.
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Utility Infrastructure

Experts in electric cooperatives and water utilities

CostQuest’s utility appraisals and specialty studies can help you build a case for pricing and rate making that more accurately reflect the current state of your business. Economic and functional obsolescence can be applied to analyses and our ASA appraisers oversee the whole process.
Their technical knowledge and comprehensive RCN modeling is second to none and made them the obvious choice.
Pamela W. (Executive Director – Property Tax, Comcast Corporation)
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