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CostQuest is a broadband consulting firm specializing in real-world engineering principles, telecommunications regulatory knowledge, and geospatial expertise to create targeted solutions for public and private sectors.

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Broadband availability is about connections, but providers must know exactly where a structure is in order to provide that link. To get pinpoint accuracy for all locations, we aggregate hundreds of millions of data points, apply statistical scoring, and managed crowdsourcing to identify the precise locations of virtually every structure that is a candidate for broadband.

Who We Are

CostQuest Associates (CQA) is a leader in the communications consulting industry in the knowledge of costs, network modeling, telecommunications economics, and regulation. CostQuest is now blending communications knowledge with data science to develop the most accurate data to support business decisions and policy related to broadband deployment.

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Charlie Burkhardt
Danny Pietig
Gae Seretse
Gretchen Bryant
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James Stegeman
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Recent Articles

The history of broadband mapping is just a blip on the telecommunications timeline, but it’s an important one to explore. With advancements in data over time, Broadband Mapping continues to […]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cincinnati, Ohio, 6/21/2021 – CostQuest is proud to welcome Richard Rousselot as the newest addition to the CostQuest team, working from his home office outside of Denver. […]

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Clients:   AT&T, Verizon, Frontier Staff:     Luis Rodriguez, Charlie Burkhardt, Bob Garringer Model:  CostQuest RCN Model CostQuest provides Valuation and Appraisal support using widely accepted appraisal methods, including cost, sales, and income-based analysis. Our […]

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In a pivotal discussion about the future of broadband mapping, CQA President/CEO, Jim Stegeman was called on as an industry expert. Stegeman and others discuss potential ways to improve the accuracy of publicly available coverage maps through location-based and polygon-based reporting. The now passed Broadband DATA Act was an important topic.

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