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CostQuest Associates (CQA) is a broadband consulting firm specializing in cost analysis, network modeling, valuations, service mapping, regulation services, and developing data products for the broadband industry. By blending real-world engineering principles, regulatory knowledge, economics, and geospatial expertise, CostQuest creates custom and targeted solutions for service providers, government entities, regulatory bodies, engineers, and other organizations alike.

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CostQuest’s BroadbandFabric Data Suites

With over 20+ years of experience in the broadband industry, CostQuest understands the challenges faced with limited access to granular and accurate data to develop effective broadband maps and support broadband planning. Until now, granular broadband-specific data sets to solve geographical accuracy and location count issues of underserved and unserved locations didn’t exist. Which is why using CostQuest’s core Broadband Serviceable Location data, we created the BroadbandFabric Data Suites, which overlays in-depth broadband information upon locations, to continue supporting governments and the broadband industry in the critical effort to close the U.S. Digital Divide. Each BroadbandFabric Data Suite contains a variety of data attributes woven together to provide complete, precise, and simple data solutions for the various challenges associated with broadband design, buildout, and reporting. Organizations can rely on BroadbandFabric Data to fill database gaps, build a granular broadband map, assess market opportunities, inform funding bids, plan, design, complete reporting obligations, and more with data built to inform these initiatives intelligently. CostQuest Associates was recently awarded the FCC Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric contract to solve location accuracy issues and deliver the foundational data to support a National Broadband Map. This Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric will be pivotal for initiatives to help close the Digital Divide.

Who we are

CostQuest Associates (CQA) has long led the broadband consulting industry in the knowledge of costs, economics, network modeling, tax valuation, and regulation. Our team is now blending its extensive broadband knowledge with data science to develop the most precise data to support business and policy decisions for broadband initiatives. The love of the challenge and commitment to precision makes us who we are. We work to get it right.

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