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Building a Network Cost Model – CostQuest’s Methodology

By: Zac Byrd, Hailey Farrow, and CostQuest’s Consulting Services Team on behalf of CostQuest Associates In the dynamic realm of telecommunications, deploying broadband infrastructure entails strategic foresight, gathering copious amounts […]


Explore the FCC’s New Enhanced A-CAM Program

By: Zac Byrd, Marketing Associate & Hailey Farrow, Marketing Manager, on behalf of CostQuest Associates What is the new Enhanced A-CAM program? The Enhanced Alternative Connect America Model (Enhanced A-CAM) is […]


About the BEAD Challenge Process

By: Hailey Farrow, Marketing Manager & Zac Byrd, Marketing Associate, on behalf of CostQuest Associates As part of NTIA’s BEAD program, the BEAD Challenge Process is where each Eligible Entity (states, […]

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