Fabric Unit Count vs. US Census 2022 Housing Unit Count Dashboard

About the Fabric unit count

The National Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric (Fabric) provides a unit count value for each record. This field represents the sum of residential and non-residential broadband demand on that location record. Fabric residential unit counts are established to be consistent with Census 2022 Housing Unit (HU) estimates. Non-residential counts are established using information from assessment data and other sources.

Fabric unit count of residential units is consistent with US Census 2022 Housing Unit counts

Although the Fabric has a combined residential and non-residential count, the visualization below demonstrates the consistency in Fabric residential unit counts versus Census 2022 Housing Unit estimates. CostQuest sourced the table’s residential value before non-residential demand was added. We term this value the preliminary Fabric units.

In the summary table, a significant driver of any discrepancy with Census HU counts is how residential units are treated in Entity Boundaries. Entity Boundaries primarily represent College Campuses, Military installations, and prisons. By design, the Fabric represents all the demand for an Entity Boundary on a single point. This means some areas within the Entity Boundary will have no Fabric points upon which to place Fabric units. When this happens in areas where an Entity Boundary spans more than one census block, only one of the Census Blocks will show residential demand. This creates a deviation from Census estimates. Further, the impact of unit challenges, some characterized as residential and others characterized as mixed, also influences the deviation. We expect the significance of this second factor to increase as time elapses from the 2020 Census Housing Unit baseline.

*Note: The dashboard includes updated Census 2022 data.

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