CostQuest Helps States Plan for Federal Broadband Funding

By: CostQuest’s Communications Team on behalf of CostQuest Associates.

CINCINNATI and SEATTLE— CostQuest Associates (CQA) BroadbandFabric StatePlan data is in place and being used across the country, including California, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, and Oregon. These states and many others are working to expand broadband access while aligning their broadband offices and stakeholders to take advantage of $42.5B that has been earmarked from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) which rolls out later this year. This federal broadband funding will be allocated by NTIA and will be based on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) maps based on CostQuest’s National Fabric.  The question now posed to states is how to best utilize the funds available to them – and they have turned to CostQuest to help answer it.

CostQuest, with its data also in the hands of the Federal Communications Commission, provides a common broadband location data set that gives states the ability to align their strategies with government programs to make the most effective use of their broadband deployment funding.  Each state has different broadband needs and requires the use of CostQuest’s BroadbandFabric StatePlan data to develop a custom strategy for expanded broadband buildout. The BroadbandFabric StatePlan data provides a robust dataset of broadband data specifically for state broadband initiatives.

With billions of dollars to apportion for broadband deployment, CostQuest’s data strengths are in identifying the highest-need areas throughout the state, prioritizing program spending, and identifying those areas with above-average costs. CostQuest’s broadband, cost, and locational knowledge are the power behind the data, giving states the strategies and tools to make the most effective use of their federal broadband funding.

Mike Wilson, Vice President said, “We’re excited to partner with these states that are being proactive in creating their expansion plans to get people connected with broadband. These last few years have been tough for everyone, and we can all more clearly see the critical need to connect students with educators, patients with medical professionals, and all Americans with critical services and to the changing economy.”

The federal government identifies closing the Digital Divide as a top priority and is now making a once-in-a-lifetime investment to expand broadband service across the U.S. – it is now up to the states to step up to this unique opportunity to make the most of federal broadband funding to expand broadband services. 

For more information visit CostQuest’s Broadband Fabric StatePlan.

About CostQuest Associates

CostQuest Associates (CQA) has long led the communications industry in the knowledge of costs, network modeling, telecommunications economics, and regulation. CostQuest applied its communications knowledge, and its data science chops to developing the most accurate data to support business and policy decisions related to broadband deployment. CostQuest has offices in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Seattle, Washington.

Disclaimer: This disclaimer is required by CostQuest’s Contract No. 273FCC22C0001. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not reviewed or approved any statement in this document for accuracy or validity. The FCC and its employees do not endorse goods or services provided by the Contractor or any other contractor.

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