About the BroadbandFabric Data Suites

Using CostQuest’s core Broadband Serviceable Location data, tied directly to federal broadband initiatives, CostQuest developed the BroadbandFabric Data Suites, which are Geographic Information System (GIS) location data sets that come with insightful data attributes per each location, to provide quality and reliable data to guide analyses and planning activities. CostQuest’s BroadbandFabric data sets are built specifically to support service providers, government entities, engineers, and consultants with broadband deployment, business planning, and policy decisions. Each BroadbandFabric Data Suite comes complete with Broadband Serviceable Location data at the structure (coordinate) level and tied with data attributes such as broadband service (technology) availability, addresses, building type, funding eligibility, cost to serve, competition, demographics, and much MORE to support teams effectively throughout the lifecycle of their broadband initiatives. 

CostQuest’s BroadbandFabric Data Suites

Each BroadbandFabric data set comes in an Excel .CSV file format and can be imported into SQL, GIS applications like QGIS, visualization software, network planning tools, or other related applications. Built by broadband experts and blended with machine learning, BroadbandFabric data is the perfect guide for broadband deployment planning and funding distribution decisions. With this data, you can build a broadband map, fill customer database gaps, assess competition, expansion, adoption, funding opportunities, market services, report, plan, and design networks with precise data built to inform these initiatives intelligently.   

national broadband fabric data
An example a Census Block with Broadband Serviceable Locations from CostQuest's BroadbandFabric data
Two hands pointing at a computer screen as they leverage BroadbandFabric data for broadband planning

Strong foundation of granular structure level location data

BroadbandFabric data contains a core base of Broadband Serviceable Locations (the coordinates of all structures where a broadband connection can be installed) and provides the level of granularity needed to identify locations that have or need broadband service. This data allows users to better understand the exact geographic placement of serviceable locations and the number of potential customers.

Reliable information for effective decisions & successful planning

To make intelligent and efficient network decisions you need reliable information that guides you in the right direction. In each BroadbandFabric dataset, every location comes with critical information such as Service/Technology Availability, Engineering and Construction, Costs and Economics, and Demand and Demographic data. With these insights, users are equipped with all the information needed to make broadband network and business decisions with confidence.

Built by experts trusted by the federal government & more

Congress, federal agencies, service providers, and other organizations in the telecom industry, rely on CostQuest’s models and expertise to inform critical broadband initiatives and reform policies related to broadband deployment and data collection. CostQuest’s financial models are used by the FCC to distribute $3B annually to serve high-cost areas, and CostQuest’s granular geospatial Fabric data supports the Broadband Data Collection, National Broadband Map, and broadband funding programs. CostQuest’s work is reviewed regularly, withstanding the highest levels of scrutiny from government agencies down to service providers, supporting organizations, and consumers to ensure the work is done right and foundationally sound.

Broadband data to make broadband decisions easy


broadband tower with land

Get broadband-specific data

The BroadbandFabric Data Suites were developed by broadband experts and data scientists with deep roots in broadband economic network modeling and mapping. Each Broadband Serviceable Location we identify is a residential or business structure where a broadband connection can be installed. Our Broadband Serviceable Locations and rich data layers are NOT for insurance or real estate projects. The BroadbandFabric Data Suites were designed to support broadband initiatives.
BroadbandFabric locations

Confirm geographic accuracy

This data provides geographic placement for each Broadband Serviceable Location – pinpoints serviceable structures through highly accurate latitude and longitude coordinates, with visual verification used for added confidence.
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Easy import & interoperability

All BroadbandFabric data sets come in a .CSV file format that can import into any major GIS or visualization software. This data integrates easily with other data by using H3, which is a universal location identifier that can support referencing other data sets with the BroadbandFabric data.
Address matching

See locations eligible for funding

This data provides the locations that fall within areas covered under federal funding programs, such as CAF, RDOF, ARA, the upcoming IIJA BEAD funding, and more to leverage to expand broadband services.
a location with broadband service

What data is included in each data set?

All data sets come in an Excel .CSV file format for easy import into SQL, or any major GIS, engineering, or other visualization software. You can purchase data either by state, county, or all of the U.S. In the below table, “x” indicates that the data field is included in that particular data suite package.

BroadbandFabric Data SuitesBroadband Serviceable Locations (BSLs)BDC-BSL Flag H3 Location IDsBuilding Type: Residence, Business, Community, Agriculture, etc.Community Anchor InstitutionsAddressesUnit CountHUBB USAC Locations Technology (Broadband Service) Availability Competitive LandscapeAvailable FundingBuild Complexity ScoringFiber Cost ModelFixed Wireless Cost Model5G Cost Model (in development)Fiber Business CaseResidential & Business Demand and DemographicsFiber Adoption & Take Rate EstimationNetwork Auto Design
NetworkPlan xxxxxxx*xxxxxxx*CUSTOM BUILTxx*CUSTOM BUILT
CBG Opportunity Assessmentxxxxx*CUSTOM BUILTxx
StatePlanxxxxxxxxxxxxx*CUSTOM BUILTxx*CUSTOM BUILT
* Data you can add-on (not included in general data suite purchase)

Custom data you can add on

Custom Fiber Business Case Data

  • This data provides you with a full Fiber Business Case for a custom geographic area.
  • Users indicate their defined service area, and we will deliver custom Business Case data for that area.
  • The full Business Case includes the cost to maintain the business over time, plus an estimate of demand and revenue, and success-based capital.
  • The custom Business Case also provides you with the Net Present Value look of the potential service area. With this information, you can understand the full market opportunity for deploying a typical Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network buildout to a defined service area and identify where funding is most required.

Click the button below to learn more about CostQuest’s custom Fiber Business Case Model data.

Custom Fiber Network Design from our CQA Autodesign model

  • This data includes fiber routes to Broadband Serviceable Locations (demand) and logical placements of equipment along the way.
  • We also will provide you with an efficient clustering and a full GIS design output ready for approval from a Professional Engineer.
Broadband-specific, precise and simple

After 20+ years of broadband experience and planning, we understand the challenges that come with limited access to quality and granular data. These Data Suites were created with a simple aim – to deliver broadband-specific, precise, and simple data solutions to support various broadband design, deployment, and reporting challenges due to lack of reliable data.

How CostQuest identifies Broadband Serviceable Locations

CostQuest’s Broadband Serviceable Locations are residential, business, CAI, agricultural, and other locations where fixed broadband internet access service is, or can be installed. To identify these structures, see the process pictured below.

Data sources CostQuest uses to find Broadband Serviceable Location.

Watch the video below to visualize the BroadbandFabric data

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