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In the broadband industry, many are facing the challenge of acquiring granular and accurate broadband data to inform their broadband deployment efforts. Which is why using our core Broadband Serviceable Location data, we created the BroadbandFabric StatePlan dataset to provide complete and accurate broadband data for intelligent policy-making and broadband program management. This data is built specifically for state broadband initiatives, complete with coordinates of the latest Broadband Serviceable Locations and layered with insightful data to drive effective and intelligent decision-making.

BroadbandFabric StatePlan Data Suite

With StatePlan data in your broadband maps, assessing broadband needs across your state has never been so easy.

GIS view of service availability of New Hampshire
A GIS view of a household location in a rural area.
wireless tower


The BroadbandFabric StatePlan dataset is generated with a specific purpose in mind, give you granular and insightful broadband data for the development of a precise state broadband map to support your State Broadband Program. Each BroadbandFabric dataset has the same base of Broadband Serviceable Locations (the geographic coordinates of all structures where a broadband connection can be installed) and can provide the level of precision needed in broadband maps to help inform project initiatives effectively.


All Broadband Serviceable Locations in each dataset come with information per location such as Service Availability, Engineering and Construction, Costs and Economics, and Demand and Demographics data to support specific functions in your broadband deployment projects.


In broadband deployment projects, it’s key to develop a geographically granular broadband map, especially when looking to understand exactly where the locations needing broadband service are and which areas need it the most. Each BroadbandFabric dataset can be your guide through the Digital Divide, with precise coordinates of Broadband Serviceable Locations and insightful information per location such as service availability data to help you analyze your areas of interest all-in-one view.

What can I use BroadbandFabric StatePlan data for?

broadband tower with land

Get broadband-specific data

The BroadbandFabric Data Suites were developed by broadband experts and data scientists with deep roots in broadband economic network modeling and mapping. Each Broadband Serviceable Location we identify is a residential or business structure where a broadband connection can be installed. Our Broadband Serviceable Locations and rich data layers are NOT for insurance or real estate projects. The BroadbandFabric Data Suites were designed to support broadband initiatives.
BroadbandFabric locations

Confirm geographic accuracy

This data provides geographic placement for each Broadband Serviceable Location – pinpoints serviceable structures through highly accurate latitude and longitude coordinates, with visual verification used for added confidence.
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Easy import & interoperability

All BroadbandFabric datasets come in a .CSV, .KMZ, or .KML file format to import into any major GIS or engineering software. Integrates easily with other data by using H3, with is a universal location identifier that can support referencing other data sets with the BroadbandFabric data.
Address matching

See locations eligible for funding

This data provides the locations that fall within areas covered under federal funding programs, such as CAF, RDOF, ARA, the upcoming IIJA funding, and more to leverage to expand broadband services.

What data is included?

All datasets come in an Excel .CSV file format for easy import into any major GIS or engineering software. Purchase data either by state or county.

BroadbandFabric StatePlan Data SuiteBroadband Serviceable LocationsH3 Location IDsBDC LocationsAutodesign
(Fiber network)
Technology (Service) Availability FCC Form 477 Competitive LandscapeFunding EligibilityFiber Cost ModelFixed Wireless Cost ModelFiber Business CaseResidential DemandBusiness DemandCommunity Anchor InstitutionsFiber Adoption & Take Rates
* Optional add-ons

Data you can add on

Business Case data

  • This data provides you with a full Business Case for a custom geographic area.
  • Users indicate their defined service area, and we will deliver custom Business Case data for that area.
  • The full Business Case includes the cost to maintain the business over time, plus an estimate of demand and revenue.
  • The custom Business Case also provides you with the Net Present Value look of the potential service area. With this information, you can understand the full market opportunity for deploying a typical Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network buildout to a defined service area and identify where funding is most required.

Fiber network design from our CQA Autodesign model

  • This data includes fiber routes to Broadband Serviceable Locations (demand) and logical placements of equipment along the way.
  • We also will provide you with an efficient clustering and a full GIS design output ready for approval from a Professional Engineer.
Broadband-specific, precise and simple

Built by broadband experts with over 20+ years of experience in the communications industry, we’ve created data that is broadband-specific, precise at the coordinate level, and works easily with your data. CostQuest has supplied broadband data to hundreds of customers, helping them achieve critical objectives and tackle challenges in network deployment projects.

CostQuest was awarded the FCC’s Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric (Fabric) contract to solve location accuracy issues and provide the foundational data to support a National Broadband Map. This Broadband Serviceable Location data will be vital to closing the Digital Divide.

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