FCC Fabric Challenge Data Results Available to ALL Entities

By: Hailey Farrow, Marketing Manager on behalf of CostQuest Associates.

The FCC released detailed location data files of successful challenges to the FCC Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric (FCC Fabric) from the Broadband Data Collection (BDC) Fabric Challenge Process. Along with a high-level overview of the changes between Fabric Version 1 and Version 2, and CostQuest’s internal efforts to improve the data sources and programmatic models for Fabric Version 2.

Governmental entities, service providers, and other parties submitted bulk challenges to the FCC Fabric data to help identify missing locations, corrections to locations, and other information such as address updates, and additional secondary addresses.

All entities can download and use the FCC Fabric Challenge data results

The results of the FCC Fabric successful challenges have been made public and are available for ALL ENTITIES TO DOWNLOAD AND USE, and can be found HERE.

The location information submitted through the FCC’s Challenge Process is owned by no one, and again this data is publicly available for ALL ENTITIES to use.      

A graphic explaining the FCC Fabric Challenge data file is available for all entities to download and use.

Results of FCC Fabric Challenge Process and CostQuest’s Self-Challenge Process

High-level results from the FCC’s BDC Challenge Process show that about 178,000 Type 1 Fabric Challenges were accepted, meaning 178,000 location records (BSLs) have been added to the FCC Fabric Version 2.

In addition, CostQuest’s work to improve the Fabric netted over 850,000 locations (BSLs) added to the FCC Fabric Version 2 data set.

This means over +1,000,000 locations were added to the FCC Fabric and delivered to the FCC and ISPs in Fabric Version 2 (released in early January 2023).

FCC Fabric Challenge Data Results

*BSLs = Broadband Serviceable Locations

As a reminder, the FCC manages and determines all the challenges that are accepted and added to the FCC Fabric.

CostQuest will release more information on the results of our self-challenge improvements to the Fabric data in the near future.

To access the FCC Fabric Challenge data location file, or learn more about the changes to the FCC Fabric between versions 1 and 2, see the buttons below.


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