CostQuest releases new BroadbandFabric Data Suites

By: Hailey Farrow, Marketing Manager at CostQuest.

Until CostQuest solved the problem, broadband-specific data to understand the exact geographic placement and count of how many locations require broadband service didn’t exist. 

We’re aiming to help the broadband industry tackle these complex problems with our new BroadbandFabric Data Suites: Data that gives you complete, accurate, and simple data to inform where and how many locations need service to support various broadband design, buildout, and reporting challenges.

This broadband data has multiple applications and connects easily with other informative attributes to enhance your analysis per location. You can assess market opportunities, build a broadband map, submit funding bids, plan, design, and report on deployment projects, with data made to inform broadband initiatives intelligently.

Together, we can continue stepping forward to close the Digital Divide.

BroadbandFabric Data Suites. Data built for broadband initiatives. Includes data such as: Location data, service availability and competition, engineering and construction profile, demand and demographics, and cost and economics.
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