FCC Fabric Bulk Challenge Process Now Open – Watch Webinar for More Information

The Fabric Bulk Challenge Process is officially open for service providers and governments to file bulk challenges to the locations within the FCC’s Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric! Watch the webinar linked below to review the details and how to prepare for the Bulk Challenge Process.

More Fabric Bulk Challenge Process Information

This Challenge Process allows entities to submit Broadband Serviceable Locations (a building structure where a broadband connection can be installed) that are not currently represented in the first version of the Fabric or where the data may have misidentified a building structure (ex. barn or abandoned structure). The Challenge Process will be open to the public to submit individual challenges to the Fabric locations once the maps are published in November.

The FCC’s goal of this process is to ensure the “Fabric is a comprehensive and accurate dataset of Broadband Serviceable Locations as possible.”

The FCC explains that the “broadband maps created from this Fabric data will play a critical role throughout the country, to ensure essential broadband services are made available to all, and that broadband infrastructure funding is carefully targeted to the areas most in need.” The Fabric is designed to improve over time, which is why submitting external feedback is critical to improving the accuracy of the data to best support broadband expansion initiatives.

Check out the FCC’s webinar to learn more.


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