Webinar: Key Considerations for BEAD Applications

CostQuest’s experts Mike Wilson, Rachelle Frets, and Jim Stegeman delivered an engaging overview during the “Key Considerations for BEAD Applications Webinar”, on how the National Broadband Fabric Data is influencing the BEAD program, explored the economic factors influencing broadband deployment, and shared practical examples from state BEAD programs.

It’s important for organizations assessing upcoming BEAD funding opportunities and creating BEAD applications are aware of all these factors and their role in the BEAD program.

With the end goal of helping businesses create funding applications that help them make a long-term impact on their organizations and help close the U.S digital divide, this webinar covered:

  • How the Broadband Fabric Data will be used in the BEAD program by NTIA, states, and applicants
  • The economics of broadband deployment from both the government and ISP perspectives
  • Which economic factors are necessary to ensure applicants choose areas that present viable
  • business cases
  • A real-world state BEAD program example review

Watch the Key Considerations for BEAD Applications Webinar Recording

Click here to download the webinar PowerPoint slides.

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