CostQuest Hires Hailey Farrow as Sales and Marketing Associate

By: Stephen Mok, Director of Innovation at CostQuest.


Cincinnati, Ohio, 5/15/2020 – CostQuest is proud to welcome Hailey Farrow as the newest addition to their Seattle Office team. Hailey takes on duties as a Sales and Marketing Associate, specializing in CostQuest’s data products and services.

Hailey comes to CostQuest from SMART, a market research firm focused on consumer analytics. She holds a BA in Business Administration, where her focus was on Marketing. She will be helping us maintain a healthy CRM, develop content to support CostQuest’s growing data business, and navigate a world where content and a virtual presence are more important than ever.

We’re thrilled to have someone as bright and articulate as Hailey join our team and look forward to introducing her to our clients, friends, and partners.

CostQuest serves as the frontrunner in designing, developing, and implementing economic models for the telecommunications industry. Our clients have called on us to prepare economic, cost, and business intelligence papers, presentations, and workshops before legal and regulatory bodies around the world.

For more information about CostQuest services, contact Mike Wilson, VP Sales and Consulting Services,

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