Mark Guttman


Mark also provides assistance in Customer Support, System Design and Project Management.

Prior to his work with CostQuest, Mr. Guttman was an Analyst with INDETEC International. As such, he has worked in the telecommunications industry in a variety of roles related to cost modeling. His efforts have focused on the development or review of a number of domestic and international cost models. These include the BellSouth Telecommunications loop model (BSTLM), GTE's Integrated Cost Model and the Base Cost Proxy Model (BCPM). He was also involved in developing and testing the Australian National Universal Service Cost Model (NUSC). In addition to development efforts, Mark also worked on the review of the United States Federal Communication Commission's Hybrid Cost Proxy Model. Mark holds an Undergraduate Degree from the University Of Evansville, an M.B.A from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters in Geographic Information Systems from Penn State.

Prior to his work in telecommunications, Mr. Guttman was a Project Manager for a regional firm specializing in the custom design and construction of integrated, computer controlled electrical systems.

Mr. Guttman, an associate of and partner in CostQuest, heads up CostQuest’s Geographic Information Systems efforts, Quality Assurance, Testing, and Documentation.

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