James Stegeman

Headshot of Jim Stegeman

Mr. Stegeman is the CEO/President of CostQuest Associates. He has testified before Congress multiple times, and has been a major force behind the development of the latest generation economic cost models and locational data used by cable, telco, tower, and wireless companies and by state and government agencies in support of broadband deployment analysis and network valuation. He leads a firm of leading geospatial and data scientists, database and costing experts, and broadband and valuation specialists. He is leading the design and implementation of the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric adopted and used by the FCC for the national broadband mapping effort, which will drive the funding allocation of NTIA’s $42.45 Billion BEAD program. He has been retained by NTIA to help investigate approaches to be used in NTIA’s BEAD program and is providing his expertise in the effort to utilize the Fabric and develop national fiber to the premise costs for NTIA to use to implement BEAD. He led the design, coding, and implementation of the Connect America Cost Model (“CAM”, “CACM”, “A-CAM”) that was used to implement the Connect America Fund and is still being used by the FCC to disburse over $1.5Billion annually to fund broadband deployment. The CACM model was used by the FCC to set the reserve levels for the CAFII and RDOF auctions. He also led the design, coding, and implementation of the Broadband Analysis Model that was used by the FCC to develop the National Broadband Plan delivered to the US Congress. Jim is based in CostQuest's Cincinnati, OH office.

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