HFC Plant Reproduction Cost New Trends Report

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CostQuest provides an array of services and data aimed to assist users in understanding the cable telecommunication industry for a wide variety of appraisal purposes. The Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) Plant Reproduction Cost New (ReprCN) Trends describes reproduction cost new trends and methodology that help address the change in price for the cable industry communications equipment.

We aim to assist users in understanding the basis of the HFC Plant ReprCN trend factors applicable to the cable plant. Along with methodology to apply a trend factor to a specific vintage and asset type corresponding to the asset.

HFC Cost Trends

communications equipment

Quick summary

Cable industry communication technologies not only show a drop in price over time but also incorporate changes in capacity and efficiencies. Only when you consider the combined impact of changes in price, capacity, and efficiencies, do you get to the actual cost of your communication equipment over time.

  • The cable industry continues to upgrade its network with cost-effective and efficient equipment. These upgrades address the cable industry’s need for additional capacity in a very price-competitive industry.
  • As the cable industry upgrades its equipment, it is imperative to have the most recent reproduction cost for each network component. 

HFC Cost Trends were developed to support the following three categories:

Customer Premise

  • Converters
  • Modems
  • Gateways
  • Routers
  • Cards
  • Remotes
  • Installation


  • Electronics
  • General labor

Outside Plant

  • General labor
  • Pole attachments
  • Power equipment associated with the network
  • Coaxial cable
  • Fiber cable
  • Buried trenching labor
  • Drops

About HFC Cost Trends

The cost trend factors developed in this report are reproductive cost new trend factors, although they do incorporate some concept of a replacement cost new approach in several ways.

This HFC Plant ReprCN Trends report is updated to reflect the 2021 tax year update to demonstrate the changes in cost indexes during the calendar year 2020. Overall, this study captures the HFC Plant ReprCN Trend Factors from the tax year 2021 (the calendar year 2020) back to 1991.

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