Phases of RDOF

Phase 1

The first phase targets unserved rural territory, meaning there is no broadband service of at least 25/3 Mbps(Download/Upload), with up to $16 billion and is scheduled to commence on October 29, 2020. It’s estimated about 5.4 million locations will be eligible in the first phase, within approximately 62,000 census block groups.

a farm in a rural area

Phase 2

The second phase will target the remaining unserved areas from phase 1, and additional $4.4B in funding for census blocks that are currently partially served with broadband service.

communications equipment in a rural area

RDOF timeline

June 15thOnline Auction Application Tutorial Available
July 1stShort-Form Application Filing Window Opens
July 15thShort-Form Application Filing Window Closes
October 8thFinal Eligible Areas List Available
October 14thAuction Bidding Tutorial Available
October 26thMock Auction Begins
October 29thBidding Begins
November 24thBidding Ends

RDOF quick auction summary

  • $20.4B in funds
  • 5.4M eligible locations
  • 10 year time horizon
  • Provide voice & broadband access with download speeds of at least 25/3 Mbps (Download/Upload).
  • $16B allocated for Phase 1, eligible for areas completely unserved.
  • $4.4B + any remaining Phase 1 budget, allocated for Phase 2.

For more information regarding RDOF, visit the FCC website under Auction 904.

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