Greg Rohde Testimonial

Washington, D.C.

CostQuest provides powerful contributions to a vast array of policy and regulatory debates at the national and state levels. Their maps and models have added significant value to both industry and policy decision making in the communications sector. Their services will become increasingly important in the years to come as telecommunications services continue to evolve and expand.

Greg Rohde

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CenturyLink turns to fixed wireless for 5G in rural areas

CenturyLink is building 28 towers to provide 5G fixed wireless service in rural areas where fiber...

Working with CostQuest is truly a collaborative effort. I knew immediately they were the right fit for our mapping project.

Kathy Johnson


We have collaborated with CostQuest to solve complex state and federal broadband challenges. (Spokane, WA)

Dr. Bill Gillis

VisionTech 360

With CostQuest's accessibility, extensive background in the telecom industry and global knowledge of cost, network modeling and mapping experience, I think they're the best in the business.

Jim Hines

The Enterprise Group