GIS Mapping for Broadband Network Assets

Mapping network assets and potential demand in your service area can focus your marketing efforts, add accuracy to customer lookups, and accelerate turnaround time for reporting obligations. Service Mapping with CQA gives you a complete view of current and potential demand relative to your existing or planned assets, giving you the information you need to direct marketing efforts and prepare filings.

CQA Service Mapping shows you where you currently serve, and where you could serve

Assign network assets to all potential customers

Knowing where potential customers are located in relation to your assets allows you to more accurately respond to inbound requests for service.

Capture more market share

Once you’ve identified all potential locations, you can prioritize the ones you want to market to.

Reporting obligations made easy

As Broadband mapping evolves, you’ll be able to provide coverage polygons of where you serve and the exact locations of customers, if you have filing requirements in the HUBB.

Map your potential with CQA

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