Policy Support

Policy Support

Our policy support services cover nearly every regulatory issue facing the telecommunication industry.

While CostQuest remains independent and agnostic when it comes to policy, we regularly provide:

  • Training
  • Expert testimony
  • Regulatory support
  • Cost/price/profit analysis
  • Development of specialized applications

Worldwide Universal Service Models

We have designed and built Universal Service Models that are in use around the world. We have a proven record of excellence in dealing with complex regulatory policy issues and pride ourselves in contributing to a fuller understanding of the issues that face regulatory and legislative bodies as well as industry leaders.

USAC Schools and Libraries Program (E-rate)

CQA has developed a set of tools to help schools and libraries determine their bandwidth needs prior to submitting their FCC Form 470. Please view our Schools and Libraries Broadband Marketplace overview to learn more about how these tools can benefit your organization when filing.