Economic Network Modeling

Economic Network Modeling

CostQuest's suite of Network Cost Modeling tools are used by the world's leading broadband providers and governments in the U.S. and abroad. CostQuest Models give users an accurate view of capital and operational costs for new or upgraded network build.

Network Design

Network-based companies face massive capital expenditures affected by the evolution in technology occurring every day.

CostQuest provides network design services through our combined GIS, engineering, modeling, and costing knowledge. Whether we apply CostQuest network costing tools or business case analysis, CostQuest can accurately estimate network design, network rebuilds, or technology deployment costs. CostQuest's analyses help firms study costs based on a variety of network deployment and last-mile options.

CostQuest Cost Modeling is the premier family of network costing tools. CostQuest Local Loop has been used by firms with operations in over 40 states. It has been approved as a mechanism for calculating UNE loop investment in many other states. CostQuest CORE is our network model. It estimates the TSLRIC investment in switching, signaling, and transport. With longstanding use in the telecom industry, CostQuest RCN Models are next-generation network modeling platforms. They provide replacement cost of a network based on the design of an optimal, forward-looking network developed by a current service-by-service analysis of network utilization. Please explore our Wireline/Cable, City/Municipal, and Wireless Models below.

Wireline / Cable Model

Please review our Wireline/Cable Practice Area for leading edge wireline cost models and related support.

City/Municipal Model

Please review our City/Municipal  Practice Area and read about our Gigabit Broadband Model.

Wireless Model

Please review our Wireless Practice Area to understand how CQA's wireless network modeling platform can help you.