Our Services

We provide the support, analysis, and customized business applications—business intelligence—to enable you to make informed decisions.

Valuation & Appraisal

CostQuest Tax and Valuation Support services are developed in the real world and applied in the real world. Our models have been accepted and vetted in nearly every state.

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Economic Network Modeling

CostQuest's suite of Network Cost Modeling tools are used by the world's leading broadband providers and governments in the U.S. and abroad. CostQuest Models give users an accurate view of capital and operational costs for new or upgraded network build.

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Data & Metrics

CostQuest develops and makes available some of the most useful and unique data sets on telecommunications landscape, economics, and geography.

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GIS & Mapping

CostQuest has years of experience using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools, developing geographic data, and performing spatial programming.

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Policy Support

Our policy support services cover nearly every regulatory issue facing the telecommunication industry.

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