NTIA BEAD Program Next Steps for 2024 – Challenge Process, Subgrantee Selection, and Final Proposal

By: Hailey Farrow, Marketing Manager, on behalf of CostQuest Associates

As of December 27, 2023, all 56 Initial proposals for the NTIA BEAD funding program have been submitted.

The BEAD planning process is now surpassing the halfway mark and moving into the latter phases of the BEAD program.

So, what phases are next in the NTIA BEAD program?

According to the BEAD NOFO, the Initial Proposal Approval, BEAD Challenge Process, Subgrantee Selection, and Final Proposal phases are next up.

  • BEAD Initial Proposal Volume 1 Approval (*as of December 15th, 2023 – Louisiana, Virginia, and Kansas have Volume 1 approved)
  • BEAD Challenge Process – After the Eligible Entity gets their Initial Proposal Volume 1 approved by NTIA, the Entity then conducts a challenge process.- “A unit of local government, nonprofit organization, or broadband service provider can challenge a determination made by the Eligible Entity in the Initial Proposal as to whether a particular location or community anchor institution within the jurisdiction of the Eligible Entity is eligible for the grant funds, including whether a particular location is unserved or underserved, and Eligible Entities must submit any successful challenges to NTIA for review and approval,” (BEAD NOFO).
  • BEAD Initial Proposal Approval – Once NTIA approves the Initial Proposal Volume 1 & 2, they will make no less than 20 percent of the total grant funds allocated to the Eligible Entity.
  • BEAD Subgrantee Selection & Final Proposal – Eligible Entities will then have up to one year to implement – conduct additional local coordination, complete the subgrantee selection process, and submit a Final Proposal to NTIA that describes the results of its processes. “NTIA will award the remaining funds allocated to the Eligible Entity upon approval of the Eligible Entity’s Final Proposal, and Eligible Entities will initiate their subgrants for the remaining 80 percent of funding and any portion of the original 20 percent that the Eligible Entity has not yet awarded as a subgrant,” (BEAD NOFO).

Review the NTIA BEAD Program Timeline for more clarification on the implementation of the remaining phases of the program:

NTIA BEAD Program Timeline 2024-2025.

*IP – Initial Proposal

*FP – Final Proposal


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