Our Team

Michael Krell


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Mr. Krell is the lead developer and system architect for the CostPro suite of network models. Mr. Krell has also developed several telecommunication database reporting tools, as well as a process analysis and design tool used by a group of healthcare consultants.

Prior to joining CostQuest, Mr. Krell was a Senior Analyst for INDETEC International, where he was the lead developer for several software projects, including the Australian Net Universal Service Cost Model (NUSC), the Benchmark Cost Proxy Model (BCPM) and INDETEC’s internal time tracking and reporting system. Mr. Krell was also involved in the analysis and critique of the FCC’s Hybrid Cost Proxy Model (HCPM).

Mr. Krell has also worked for Insource Management Group, a healthcare consulting company, and for U S WEST. Some of the systems that he has developed include a nurse time reporting and cost analysis system, a forecasting/staffing system, a budget tracking and analysis system and a separations accounting system.
Mr. Krell, a partner in CostQuest, heads up Software Engineering. As Chief Software Engineer, Mr. Krell is involved in numerous software development projects, mostly in the area of telecommunications and healthcare.