What is Broadband Location Data?

Save time finding locations

Identifying potential customer locations for broadband service is as easy as importing a file into your GIS. BroadbandFabric Location Data is the first database built specifically to identify structures eligible to receive broadband service. Also referred to as “broadband-serviceable locations.”

RDOF-Eligible Locations

Find actual locations within RDOF-eligible areas

Eligible location counts and the corresponding reserve prices are available for the RDOF auction, but it’s up to bidders to find the actual customer locations in eligible areas. CostQuest’s BroadbandFabric Location Data identifies the lat/lon coordinates and likely address for serviceable structures in and around RDOF-eligible areas so you can bid with confidence.

Reporting Obligations

Accelerate HUBB filings

The High Cost Universal Broadband portal (HUBB) requires High Cost Fund participants to file data annually to demonstrate new locations where service has been made available. Critical to these filings are accurate latitude and longitude coordinates for every location. CostQuest has rooftop lat/lon coordinates for serviceable structures and addresses to help you accelerate your filings.

Network Expansion

Determine which areas are worth building in faster. Knowing where demand locations are located can help you accelerate the process of building the business case for a given area.

How it works

Build your estimate

To build your estimate, simply select your areas of interest.

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Sub-Census Block Accuracy

Save time finding locations

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