About the BroadbandFabric CBG Ops Assessment

The BroadbandFabric CBG (Census Block Group) Opportunity Assessment data is a comprehensive location dataset you can use to assess the economic viability and potential revenue opportunities of deploying Fiber, Fixed Wireless, and 5G service to specific areas within a Census Block Group. This data provides you with data at the Census Block Group level and includes data attributes per Census Block Group, such as service availability, competition, federally funded areas,  investment to deploy Fiber, FW, and 5G service, and more. Load this data into your GIS or other visualization software to help you uncover the most optimal market opportunities for expanding your network business.

BroadbandFabric CBG Opportunity Assessment

Assessing market opportunities for Fiber, Fixed Wireless, and 5G network build-outs has never been so easy.

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With the CBG Opportunity (Ops) Assessment dataset, you receive the current broadband service availability within a CBG of your choice, including the count of housing and businesses units in demand. For a complete picture of broadband demand, CostQuest provides you with demographics data and estimations of existing supply by technology type for each CB.


With the CBG Ops Assessment, you get an understanding of the cost to serve and cost profile for each Census Block in a defined CBG by broadband technology type (FTTP, Fixed Wireless, and 5G), and the cost to maintain the business over time.


This dataset marks Census Blocks that fall within federally funded areas, shows revenue potential, the Net Present Value of the network business, and fiber adoption take rates. Get a clear picture of the revenue potential of serving a Census Block Group and assess competitive entry in the areas most impactful to the long-term success of your business.

What data is included in the BroadbandFabric CBG Ops Assessment Dataset

Expand the box below to see the data fields included. Click on the data category to see its description. Data is available for every U.S. state, territory, and county.

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7 Data Categories

CBG Ops Assessment

BDC Service Availability & Carrier Summary
Federally Funded
Broadband Funding Map Coverage
Fiber Cost Model
Fixed Wireless Cost Model
5G Model
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What can I use CBG Opportunity Assessment data for?

Custom data you can add on

Custom Fiber Business Case Data

The custom Fiber Business Case data provides users with comprehensive financial data that provides accurate cost estimates and revenue projections for broadband professionals to precisely understand the full market opportunity for deploying a typical Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network buildout to a defined service area, the success-based capital needed, Net Present Value, identify where funding is most required, and the cost to maintain the network business over time.

  • This data provides users with a full Fiber Business Case for a custom geographic area.
  • Users indicate their defined service area, and we will deliver custom Business Case data for that area.
  • The full Business Case includes the cost to maintain the business over time, plus an estimate of demand and revenue, and success-based capital.
  • The custom Business Case also provides users with the Net Present Value look of the potential service area. With this information, users can understand the full market opportunity for deploying a typical Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) network buildout to a defined service area and identify where funding is most required.

Click the button below to learn more about CostQuest’s custom Fiber Business Case Model data.

Custom Fiber Network Design from our CQA Autodesign model

  • This data includes fiber routes to Broadband Serviceable Locations (demand) and logical placements of equipment along the way.
  • We also will provide you with an efficient clustering and a full GIS design output ready for approval from a Professional Engineer.

Why are CBG Opportunity Assessments critical to get right in the early stages of a project?

When developing a broadband deployment project, it’s not just about doing projects right, it’s about choosing the most suitable projects. The right project, in this case, is the most optimal Census Block Group for your network business to expand a particular broadband technology into.

Understanding the quantity and location of demand in a CBG is foremost, however, the other piece is understanding the potential for your business to obtain those customers.

Receive CBG revenue opportunities from industry leading experts

CostQuest is a team of broadband experts with over 20+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry, and has long led the consulting industry in the knowledge of costs, economics, network modeling, regulation, and network valuation and appraisal. Our team has created the model used by the FCC to distribute over $3B annually for high-cost areas, supplied comprehensive market assessments and broadband data to governments and hundreds of customers, helping them achieve critical objectives and tackle challenges in their broadband deployment initiatives. Ultimately helping them identify the opportunities most impactful in reaching their individual goals.

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