Design your network to demand

The BroadbandFabric location data lets you see where potential customers are in any surrounding area. Load the BroadbandFabric into your GIS for a clear view of where expansion opportunities exist.

Know where your best network expansion opportunities exist

You know your area, so you probably have a good sense of where you should expand to. Like all good hypotheses, network expansions are best planned when backed up with data. Create better analyses, faster, by knowing where demand locations are in a given geography. No manual geolocation, desktop pin-dropping, or faulty geocoding – just datasets of broadband serviceable locations, ready to be uploaded.

Design networks with all customers in mind

Whether you design your networks in-house or work with valued partners, precise location data gets you to an accurate design faster. Having solid designs is crucial to creating cost models that are as close to reality as possible. Incorporating BroadbandFabric Location Data will save precious time dropping pins, cleaning up false positives, and help reduce time spent generating network plans.

Put your CFO at ease with more accurate financial models

Accurate network designs lead to accurate cost estimates. Consider fiber designs where drop cost is directly influenced by inaccuracies in-home locations or fixed wireless designs where tower placement is critical to maximizing the return on capital. Incorporating BroadbandFabric Location Data in your network expansion planning drives accurate network designs and ultimately, accurate financial models because your team can see where demand is from the beginning.

How it works

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