Mobile LTE Road Coverage

Mobile LTE Road Coverage

The Mobile LTE Road Coverage file provides an estimate of broadband coverage by road type within Census Blocks (Tiger 2010).  Coverage information is based on FCC Form 477 deployment information (Dec 2016, released August 2017).  Only LTE coverage is considered.

Update frequency: The data are licensed as of current date; periodic updates can be provided.

Users: The data is licensed for one user.

Format: CSV or other formats upon request.

Coverage: National download file or States by agreement. Contact us for state-specific data set pricing and download.

Samples: Please contact us for sample data sets.

Price: $2,995 (full U.S.)

The following fields are available:

Field​ Description
CB Census Block ID, TIGER 2010
​SegType Census Feature Classification road type (S1100, S1200, etc.)
LengthM Distance of segment covered (m).  The segment lengths are based upon US Census distances and will consider each side of the road (eg. a road that is shared in two Census blocks will show the length in both Census blocks).
CentCvrd Boolean indicating if the block is covered, based upon FCC Centroid Coverage method (0=no, 1=yes)
AACvrd Percentage of block covered, based upon FCC Actual Area Coverage method

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