Wireless Replacement Cost New Index Factors Update

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Jan 25, 2017

CostQuest Associates (CQA) has begun the annual update for their CostQuest Replacement Cost New (RCN) Wireless Index Study for 2017. The wireless RCN index study was originally developed by CQA to address the change in price and capacity for wireless communications property, along with the functional obsolescence caused by changes in technology and in demand for the services provided by the different components of the communications property.

The report provides the wireless industry with RCN indexes that address the change in price over time, changes in technology and equipment capacity, and elements of functional obsolescence including excess capital and excess capacity from improvements in productive technology.

This 2017 update of the wireless RCN factors reflects the changes in cost indexes that occurred during calendar year 2016. Overall, this study captures the RCN indexes from 2015 back to 1994. 

Below is a sample chart of the type of trends being evaluated in this report:


For further information regarding this product, contact Luis Rodriguez or Charlie Burkhardt.