Scoping Municipal WiFi for your Smart City

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Mar 08, 2017

Contributor:  Ron Williams

With so much opportunity to take today’s municipal communications to the next level it’s hard to know where to start.  Many believe that citywide wireless access is required to maximize the advantage of sensor technology for a smart city and to connect people to a city’s information resources.  So, how do you get there?  What choices need to be made?  What will it cost?

Cutting through the hype and getting to a well-grounded understanding of what it takes to deploy and operate a wireless communication fabric to support your smart city is critical.  That is why a proven process and a flexible design approach will:

  • Estimate the costs and potential profitability and ultimately the economic viability of the network’s business case.
  • Utilize underlying geospatial/mapping to determine the location of demand, existing available infrastructure, and to develop an efficient deployment of a wireless access network.
  • Consider a range of demand, user penetration, and revenue coupled with precision demographics to understand the sensitivities for potential take rates, costs, and the revenue flows to understand the economics of each neighborhood.
  • Generate results for deployment costs, the costs to maintain the network, expected revenue (or city operational expense savings), and key performance investment metrics.

Smart City

While commercial networks are providing excellent services in most cities and continue to evolve their networks, relying on their evolution can be a frustrating and unfulfilling approach for many cities.  Ultimately, cities that embrace their own vision on how to be a smart wireless environment will know what moves to make adopting commercial services, engaging in private partnerships, or deploying their own services.  This understanding is a powerful resource when technology and opportunity are in constant flux.

CQA can help your city deal with the myriad of influences and options required to build a wireless enabled Smart City.  Our experience working with network operators, investors, state, and local municipalities to deliver actionable information for design, build, and operation of wireless (and wired) network solutions can get your ambitions launched.

For more information, contact:  Mike Wilson (  (425) 772-2261.