Rural Broadband Economics Study Receives Positive Reviews

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Jul 16, 2018

James Stegeman, President, CostQuest Associates and Steve G. Parsons, President, Parsons Applied Economics, coauthors of a research study entitled Rural Broadband Economics:  A Review of Rural Subsidies, were guests on a recent online seminar hosted by USTelecom and NCTA . Mr. Stegeman and Mr. Parsons were invited to share their research on subsidies and costs for delivering broadband to rural areas and to discuss the critical role rural subsidies play in broadband expansion. Their message:   it's useful to first consider the economics of investments when establishing sound public policy (and rules implement that policy) regarding broadband deployment in high cost and rural areas.

In a response to the webinar content, Telecompetitor blogger Joan Engebretson stated “The Stegeman/Parsons report is well worth reading. It contains a wealth of valuable broadband deployment data — including FTTP deployment cost estimates by road mile under various scenarios — and could be an important resource for policymakers, particularly those who question the need for broadband subsidies.” The rest of Ms. Engebretson’s blog review of this webinar is available here.

Read the full Rural Broadband Economics study here.