Introduction to CostQuest Associates

Our Company

Jan 01, 2015

So you might be thinking, “Who is CostQuest Associates and what can they do for my company?” Allow me to begin by stating that CostQuest Associates is a global leader in designing, developing, and implementing economic models for the telecommunications industry. But we are so much more than that. Through our information systems and services we deliver comprehensive solutions to a myriad of complicated business challenges. Our focus is on management of costs and how these can be used to improve business as well as meet regulatory requirements. Utilizing an “economic basis” we seek to thoroughly understand and capture the true drivers of a business’ cost structure or proposed future plans. We approach our work from a unique perspective of examining complicated work processes and capital expenditures to better understand the nature of their cost and to model why a cost is produced and when that cost needs to be incurred. Ultimately, we deliver a solution that clearly reports the drivers/effects of cost, is scalable to grow as a business expands, and is flexible enough to allow development of ‘what-if’ scenarios. In short, this solution reflects highly specific business needs, including the impact of financial, economic, and regulatory environments. The CostQuest solution is forward-looking, realistic, and optimized.

 For more than 14 years, the CostQuest team has been at the forefront of Network Modeling, Economic Analysis, and Regulatory Support. Our many satisfied clients include multinational corporations, governments, trade associations, and industry regulators. CostQuest is a valued advisor because it can bring the breadth of applied experience, information, support, tools, techniques, and analysis so your decisions can move your enterprise in the right direction. Our team of telecommunications experts have developed, deployed and supported Network, Loop, UNE, Interconnection, Broadband, and Universal Service models around the world and have worked in and on most telecommunication regulatory issues. Our experience includes not only development of models but also the review, audit and critique of existing models within the context of regulatory proceedings.

 Our knowledge of network costs is not just limited to the theory and technical aspects of telecommunications cost modeling. CostQuest’s associates have worked extensively in carrier operations and in the worldwide telecom regulatory arena, from Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Bermuda, and the United States. The CostQuest team has significant experience in assisting commissions, companies and interested parties in the development, understanding, and application of proper telecommunication cost methods and models. We have also supported cost models via training sessions with regulators, testimony on behalf of our clients and practical experience populating and running the models. In concert with cost model development, we have also written academic papers and testified on the proper costing and pricing of telecommunications services.

So now that you have a more intimate understanding of CostQuest Associates and what we can do for your business needs, the questions should be “Where can I go to contact someone at CostQuest to help me achieve my telecommunications business goals?” Contact us to find out!