State of New York

GIS & Mapping

Oct 21, 2016

Client:    Empire State Development

Staff:      Mark Guttman, Jim Stegeman

Date:       2015

Model:   CostQuest Cost Model (CQCM)

In today’s economy, broadband is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Like electricity and telephone service a century ago, broadband represents a critical foundation for economic growth, job creation and a better way of life. Across industries, broadband is redefining how we provide education and healthcare, manage energy, ensure public safety and how we store, access and share information.

Access to broadband is a necessity for the continued economic success of New York State. Yet, despite their urgent need for broadband, approximately 2.5 million Housing Units in New York State have either limited or no access to high-speed Internet, creating a digital divide between those communities with the ability to participate in the global economy, and those communities without such access.

Serving as the state’s single point of contact for broadband issues, the NYS Broadband Program Office’s (BPO) mission is to increase economic and social opportunities through universal broadband deployment. By identifying broadband needs, and developing unique solutions, the BPO is helping to close the digital divide that exists in availability rates, accomplishing the Governor's goal of broadband for all.

CostQuest Associated aided in this process by developing and populating a Network Investment Study that represents the cost to deploy broadband ubiquitously across the State of New York, via selected technologies, for the BPO.  Results were presented at the census block level, and rolled up to municipality, county, regional and state levels.