U.S. Mobile Wireless Broadband Competition Report

Economic Network Modeling

Jan 01, 2011

Client:  All
Mike Wilson, Luis Rodriguez
Date:    2011
Model: CostQuest Wireless (CQW)

This report summarizes the national deployment of Third Generation (3G) mobile wireless broadband services.

Information on marketplace participants and coverage was derived from publicly available sources and the analysis reflects ZIP-code deployment comparable to FCC Form 477 reports.

The analysis is presented on two levels. First, the report segments U.S. population and the number of carriers providing 3G mobile wireless broadband services by ZIP code. ZIP code areas are described in terms of the number of carriers who can provide 3G services and the population within. As stated, this analysis is comparable to the FCC Form 477 methods. As such, if a ZIP-code has any 3G mobile wireless broadband coverage (partial or full), it is counted as covered in this analysis. The population by number of carriers is shown in Figure 1 below.


Second, the report segments state population (non-cumulative) in terms of the number of carriers available to provide 3G mobile wireless broadband services. See full case study for this extensive table.

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