State Broadband Cost Model (SBCM)

Economic Network Modeling

Jun 12, 2017

Client:                              State of llinois PSC, State of Nebraska PS

Service Area:                 Economic Network Modeling

Business Sector:           State & Local Government, Industry

Staff:                                 Mike Wilson, Mark Guttman

Date:                                 June 7, 2017

Model:                              SBCM

At a recent meeting with The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), Cost Quest Associates (CQA) agreed to provide access to the adopted FCC Price Cap CACM model for use in state Universal Service proceedings. The State Broadband Cost Model (SBCM) was created because of that agreement.

The modeled network is:

  • A Fiber to the Premise, GPON, cVoIP network.
  • Accessible in two methods: online and outputs-only.
  • Licensed to:
    • Individual Companies
    • State Agencies
    • A group of carriers or a State Agency for USF proceedings

This model is in use by the states of Nebraska and Illinois and is a good alternative for states who would like to opt-in to use the data developed for the FCC’s CAF program.

Read more about the SBCM or contact us for more information on how you can get access to the model.