Robert McKnight

Bob McNight

In that role, he directed economic cost analyses for a wide variety of wireline services ranging from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to complex Dense Wave Division Multiplexing Services and Ethernet services across the 22-state AT&T territory. He also provided critical support to the AT&T Property Tax effort by coordinating data needed to produce a Replacement Cost Network (RCN) for the wireline network. Prior to that, he was Director - Economic Analysis for BellSouth where he provided methodology and direction for economic analysis issues including establishment of appropriate price floors (Long Run Incremental Costs) for retail services, Unbundled Network Element (UNE) studies, Universal Service issues, and BellSouth's Property Tax. Bob led BellSouth's efforts, along with INDETEC, Qwest, and Sprint in the development of the BenchMark Cost Proxy Model (BCPM) for use in the FCC's universal service fund and state universal service funds in the BellSouth territory. And, Bob was instrumental in the development of the BellSouth Telecommunications Loop Model (BSTLM) created for BellSouth by CostQuest for use in both UNE Total Element Long Run Incremental Cost (TELRIC) studies as well as retail service offerings.

Bob also has experience in depreciation issues, pricing, strategic planning and the development of incremental costs for individual case basis situations. He's a graduate of Auburn University with a BS in Economics and completed all course work towards a MS in Economics.

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